Our Freakin’ Rad Speakers – Part 1

May 12, 2020


When the Pixel + Pepper team started brainstorming about what we wanted to see come out of the Conference + Chill event, our main goal was to jam in as much opportunity to learn, grow, and get inspired as we possibly could in three days!

It was obvious that to do this we would need some killer speakers because, let’s face it, we know you’re not coming just to hang out with us, but we never imagined we would be able to gather together the all stars we have lined up for you!

And, confession time: YOU are the reason we’ve been able to bring in so many badass industry leaders. That’s right, boo. YOU! These photographers know exactly what you’re going through because they are out there—re-thinking, re-working, and hustling—in the middle of this pandemic, just like you and, like us, they want to celebrate the fuck out of it.

Keep your eyes open over the next few weeks as we will continue on with our Speaker Blog Series, and help you get to know these industry greats before we kick off Conference + Chill on June 1st.

Magic – Poland

This dude’s quirky style pretty much makes him the perfect fit to host our Conference + Chill event. Magic’s trademark is making sure his couples have an absolute blast from beginning to end and his energy is utterly infectious.

He’s recognized around the world for his innate ability to capture raw and honest moments—especially those that embrace the goofy side of things—and he is never afraid to experiment.  

Not only has he been one of five Sony Europe Imaging Ambassadors in Poland since 2018, but photographers—like you—have travelled far and wide to attend his sold-out workshops where he preaches, “If you always do what you’ve always
done, you will always get what you’ve always got.” We know Magic will have you laughing from beginning to end
while he’s also passing on some stellar industry knowledge.

Shari + Mike – Canada

Shari + Mike (#marriedcouplegoals, for reals) are complete opposites in personality, but share a true passion for the art
that lives within a photograph
, and, together, they rock the world of wedding photography.

Shari + Mike believe in researching and thoroughly learning the story behind every wedding and they are experts at bringing that story to life through their work. They aren’t the type of photographers who simply stand in the background with camera in hand to capture moments as they happen; instead, their goal is to add to the overall experience of every event they attend and photograph.

Not to mention (okay, we’re TOTALLY mentioning) that they have racked up awards throughout the years, including being named one of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars in 2015 and, more recently, being handed the rad designation of one of The World’s Best and The Best of The Best in 2019 by Junebug Weddings.

These two have a gift for connecting with people and what more could you want in a host?

Sam Hurd – USA

Despite finding success as a political, news, and celebrity photographer—capturing celebs like George Clooney, Mariska Hartigay and so many more—Sam was always drawn to the art of wedding photography. And when he did venture into the wedding industry…Wowzas!

Sam’s jam is experimenting and, as a result, this dude brought techniques like prisiming and the ring of fire into the mainstream, and made a huge name for himself through his powerful images.

Sam doesn’t keep his secrets to himself either—he happily shares them with everyone—and he’s travelled the world hosting sold-out workshops for those wanting to learn not only his techniques, but how to invent their own. Sam not only encourages experimentation, but he truly believes that no matter the couple or the location, every shoot has unlimited possibilities as long as you’re willing to get a little creative. 

Seriously, DO NOT miss his lecture! He’ll be discussing The Interception of Art and Technology—a topic that is sure to add a few new crazy rad tools to your toolbox.

Tinted Photography – New Zealand

Sirjana and Ben are another badass husband and wife team who make waves in the photography world by redefining the Adventure Wedding scene by putting emphasis on the experience rather than the photographs.

These photography renegades ensure their sessions are filled with both the unusual and the exciting. The result—incredibly raw and intimate photos that truly represent their couples in their natural state.

Sirjana and Ben don’t believe in generic or posed images; instead, they put their couples in truly adventurous situations and watch as they begin to lean on and into one another. Their unique approach allows them to not only capture incredible shots, but also ensures their couples leave with amazing memories as well.

The Tinted Photography team will be sharing the secret behind their success, which, they say, is a unique form of branding. Sirjana and Ben will help you connect the dots between what you create and how you present it to the world. In their words, “It’s not about ideal clients, logo, type or templates. It’s about serving our community and feeding the artist within you.”

Fer Juaristi – Mexico

We know you don’t need much introduction to this legend, but here it goes anyway.

Fer Juaristi is a master of artistic expression within the wedding world. With the aid of his critical eye and love for experimentation, he has become known for creating works of art from seemingly incredibly mundane moments. Fer dares to be different and has blazed his own path to the top ranks within the industry as he travels the world teaching and photographing. In Fer’s eyes, there is always more to learn, just as there is always a way to take the typical and turn it into the extraordinary.

In typical Fer style, he wants to keep you guessing and has only offered the title of his lecture—Honor Your Gods (Visual Rockstars)—as a clue to what will be discussed. 

Jennifer Moher – Canada

Jennifer Moher takes an approach all her own to every wedding she attends. She is a true believer of love—in all forms—and makes it a goal at every event to not only capture the love shared between her couples, but those special bonds that connect them meaningfully with family and friends as well. Jennifer was raised by incredible people and understands the strength those bonds hold and has a gift for capturing these connections through photographs. 

A true Gemini from the inside out, she is impulsive, outgoing, and wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s addicted to discovering things that move her, and collects these moments, stories, and movies and allows them to inspire her in every shoot.

In fact, Jennifer’s lecture will be focused on the concept of using cinema and television as sources of learning and inspiration and it will direct you on how to tap into that inspiration to create better stories as a photographer.

Joao Guedes + Tiara Brouse – Canada

Joao Guedes and Tiara Brouse have each created their own wildly successful businesses centered around the boudoir world and, while they each have their own approach, they are both admired for their raw portrayal of the human condition. 

Their work focuses on the beauty held in imperfections. It strips away the fluff and the cliche poses, and gets down to the real and the sensual. Both photographers have made their own path, daring to be different in a world not always accepting of such things, and the result has been a stream of powerful images that are undeniably beautiful and moving

These two Canadian powerhouses have teamed up to offer a lecture on creative references and the incredible process of finding your own personal artistic identity. They understand how hard it is to find your true self through your work and hope their tips will make your journey an empowering and rewarding experience.

Igor Demba – UK

Is there anyone more qualified to give a talk on Destination Weddings? Exactly! Igor Demba is an industry leader at blending the classic with the contemporary and he has used this signature style to travel the world, capturing some of the  most remote and exotic weddings imaginable.

While Igor has become known for taking a relaxed approach to his work, his critical eye allows him to capture both the culture and the emotion displayed before him and present it in absolutely stunning ways.


Stay tuned for our next Speaker Series Post!