Outdoor Adventure Edition

We KNOW you are ready for this one! How? Oh just because we received about a bazillion votes for our next event to be all about Outdoor + Adventure photography. And, because we are such an accommodating bunch (and we love a jaw-dropping landscape or outdoor adventure shots as much as the next gal), here ya go!

And, not gonna lie, Conference + Chill Round 2: Outdoor Adventure Edition is going to blow the top right off your freakin’ melon. Loaded with talent, knowledge, and just all-around good humans, Round 2 of Conference + Chill is going to be SOOOO DANG FUN!

Meghan Ward + Paul Zizka hosts of conference + chill round 2 outdoor adventure edition

Conference + Chill Round 2:

Co-hosts Paul Zizka & Meghan Ward

Yes, you read that right! Meg and Paul, who really need no intro, but we’ll give ’em one anyway because they deserve the red carpet treatment (for putting up with us AND) for hosting Conference + Chill Round 2: Outdoor Adventure Edition!

Ladies first, yo!

Meg is an outdoor, travel and adventure writer based in Banff, Canada. The author of four books, Meghan has also written for films, anthologies, blogs, and some of North America’s top outdoor, fitness and adventure publications. Her other hats include marketing for her husband/photographer, Paul Zizka, co-publisher/ Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning Canadian Rockies Annual (2016-2020), and mother of two.

And now for this guy! 

Paul is an award-winning mountain landscape and adventure photographer based in Banff, Canada. A prolific adventurer, Paul’s journey to capture the “under-documented” has taken him to all seven continents, as well as to each of Canada’s provinces and territories. He is frequently published in some of North America’s top magazines and has two coffee-table photography books: Summits & Starlight: The Canadian Rockies and The Canadian Rockies: Rediscovered. A passionate teacher, he hosts workshops all over the world, as well as an online community for photographers, through his company, OFFBEAT. Paul enjoys life in the mountains with his wife Meghan and their two daughters.

Speaker Dave Brosha

And then there’s Dave! We told ya, Conference + Chill Round 2: Outdoor Adventure Edition packs a mighty punch, peeps!

Holding a passion for the world and an eye for the beauty it contains, Long Creek, Prince Edward Island-based, award-winning photographer Dave Brosha is one of Canada’s most respected photographers and one of the most dedicated to showing the beauty of his home country, from coast to coast to coast. On a continual journey to seek out and capture the beauty of this world – whether it’s the beauty of some of most extreme and pristine environments in the world, or the beauty of humanity, Brosha is talented across a wide spectrum of photographic genres and avoids labels.

Join Dave for an inspiring presentation, The Life, Adventure, where he will present images from his travels/adventures from around the world, including not only far-flung destinations like Egypt, Nepal, Greenland, but also from adventures within Canada, including the High Arctic.  Rather than just being a travel slideshow, Dave will discuss topics like “Why do we explore?”, “the ethics of travel photography”, and a section on travel gear/kit.  He’ll also take a deep dive into how to create storytelling images that resonate, rather than just creating “pretty pictures for Instagram likes”.


dave brosha is a canadian outdoor photographer who is speaking at conference + chill round 2 outdoor adventure edition
cliford mervil is an american outdoor photographer who is speaking at conference + chill round 2 outdoor adventure edition

Cliford Mervil is an adventure & commercial photographer based out of the States who’s been shooting for about four years (commercially for two). He runs on Redbull and candy when he’s not out exploring or working, and he spends his free time climbing—just as any self-respecting outdoor photographer should—and restoring his ‘87 Jeep Comanche.

Join Cliford for his presentation, My Path To Becoming an Outdoor & Commercial Photographer, as he walks us through the ups, downs, twists, and turns of stepping full time into a vocation that feeds his passion for creativity while filling his pockets with much-needed greenbacks!


Firstly, Ange isn’t cool, at all…?As if! We ADORE her and everybody at C+C was doing some serious happy dancing when she agreed to jump in as one of our speakers for Conference + Chill Round 2: Outdoor Adventure Edition! For realsies, somebody pinch us! #isthisreallife

As the Senior Outdoor Photographer for global brand Arc’teryx for over a decade, spearheading logistically mind bending expeditions in remote locations, Ange has been documenting rad humans having adventures in landscapes that dwarf them since 2009. She operates in two modes: full throttle, and off…in either mode, no matter what longitude, altitude or temperature she’s in, she’s going to get her shot, relish the adventure, and let her heart open wide. Oh, yah, National Geographic also called her one of the planet’s top nine female Adventure Photographers who are pushing the limits.

Join Ange as she walks us all through life as one of the top lady adventure photographers ON THE PLANET, and shares her stories and images while making us laugh and just kind of be in awe of how rad she is. 

Image of Ange by Yann Broll

conference + chill round 2 speaker angela percival rock climbing
peter mather is a wildlife photographer speaking at conference + chill 2020

Speaker Peter Mather

Peter Mather loves (in order): soccer, photography, McDonald’s, and living healthy. His photo stories revolve around life in the North, with a focus on wildlife and community culture. He is a fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers, a Lumix Ambassador, and is represented by National Geographic Image Collection. He is currently in the bush trying to photograph disappearing salmon and shy grizzly bears (that only appear at night), in a winter setting. He is obviously failing miserably.

Peter’s presentation, How to Try And Fail at Becoming a National Geographic Wildlife Photographer, is sure to be entertaining AF. Join Peter as he shares the images and stories around his futile attempts at publishing a story in National Geographic magazine. Peter will regale us with tales of tracking caribou herds for days on end, wrestling with a grizzly bear (and winning),  trying to capture salmon spawning under the northern lights, following wolverines on an Easter egg hunt in -30 temperatures, and working on his most dangerous assignment—raising three feral teenage step-daughters.

Peter’s presentation will cover a combination of humour, adventure, and a unique photography vision with an emphasis on camera trapping and documenting the intersection of industry, wildlife, wilderness, and the indigenous people of the North! We are freaking stoked to hear and see what’s he’s got for us!


self-portrait of climber and rock climbing photographer irene yee as she hangs from a rope suspended above the ground with a sheer drop below her

Speaker Irene Yee

Irene Yee, known as @ladylockoff on Instagram, is a HIGHLY successful rock-climbing photographer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Sierra Domaille of HiHeyHello Magazine, Irene “breaks the mold of a traditional rock climber, (but) it’s her images that are truly rebellious. With unique angles and creative framing, Yee showcases the fun and accessible side of rock-climbing, where friends support each other, laugh, and enjoy getting outside. The social perspective of rock climbing has historically been under-represented, with traditional media highlighting only pinnacle athletes and feats. Yee’s photos capture the vibrancy of everyday rock climbers pursuing their own version of glory.”

Okay, formalities aside, Irene is basically one of the most badass photographer babes out there. She should have No Fear tattooed on her ass because she is crazy & brave AF and her images will have your jaw dropping right off your face. 

She’s also really, really nice, so you’re gonna love her as much as we do. ??




Oh, you know—aside from these bomb-ass speakers—just other rad shit like a Swag Bag worth WAY MORE than the ticket itself, prizes to be given away day-of, and access to the replays of each presentation (in case you pass out from the sheer amazingness and outdoor-photographer celebrity overload after Paul & Meg introduce themselves and kick off the festivities)!!! It’s happened before: #truestory


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