The Future of Image Selection is Here – Guest post by Narrative

June 16, 2020

My name is James Broadbent and I’m one piece of the photography duo Chasewild and a co-founder of Narrative. I have shot weddings in over 16 countries, spoken at conferences in New York, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. I have also met a lot of photographers and one consistent pattern I have noticed is that for every day you spend behind the camera, you spend at least four behind the computer.

I saw this as a problem that I wanted to change.

I partnered with Steffan, our head of Engineering, and co-founded Narrative. Together we wanted to create tools to help photographers win back that lost time.

Our first tool, Narrative Publish, was created to simplify blogging — a massive pain point I saw in photographers’ workflows. It used to take me six hours to build one blog post and I could see ways in which this process could be simpler, faster, and more effective. Publish allows you to create beautiful and unique designs, nail your SEO and, ultimately, it enables you to book more work faster.

After successfully improving the blogging workflow of thousands of photographers, we looked to improve another pain point for photographers everywhere — image culling. We’ve been busy building the best image-culling software and we’re so stoked to announce the launch of our first Beta app called Narrative Select (aka your new best friend).

Narrative Select is an image culling tool powered by trailblazing AI technology and designed to be lightning fast. Select uses machine learning to help you quickly identify undesirable photos while doing image selection — speeding up your workflow like never before.

With Select, we’re putting the focus on faces with features such as:

  • Eliminate blurs and blinks: Select AI automatically detects faces that are out of focus or blinking, so you can quickly eliminate the bad and focus on the cream of the crop.
  • Zoom straight on a face: No more drag and lag. Select face detection and 100% zoom quick keys, help you choose the best images in a fraction of the time.
  • All the faces in one place: View closeup crops of all faces, all at once, making it a breeze to compare the same people across a series of similar images — pretty soon you’ll be culling group shots like a boss.

See how it works here. 

We know most photographers spend at least a full day sifting through sometimes up to 7,000 images from a photoshoot. We believe that Select will reduce your time spent behind your computer significantly. We’re releasing Select Beta by request only.

Our mission is to build smart software that empowers photographers to use that extra time to shoot more — thereby making more cash — or to simply spend more time doing what they love! We have a huge roadmap of tools and features in the pipeline that we are really excited about. Watch this space!


portrait of james broadbent, co-founder of Narrative and Narrative Select software