Have you tried doing some FaceTime portraits yet?! 

Marking the almost one-year anniversary of pivots, switching up your biz and capitalizing on a seriously shitty situation, we’re re-introducing our pal from the very first Conference + Chill, Tim Dunk! Like many creatives, Tim experienced the struggle of losing income, business normalcy and his creativity at the beginning of the pandemic. Still, he turned that adversity into a now insanely rad biz staple—FaceTime Portraits

Join us in getting to know Tim better and learning all about the epic, out-of-the-box ideas that have become a standard shooting option for his business!

red haired woman wearing sexy black bodysuit leans against a window while posing for a facetime portrait with tim dunk photography

First off, tell us about your FaceTime portraits! Where did the idea come from?

Ok, confession time! The idea came from my then 8-year-old daughter! Like most kids, whenever she’s on the phone, she’s always mucking about pressing all the buttons. We were chatting on FaceTime and it was flashing up notifications on my screen saying she was taking photos of me! It then took me another week of being bored out of my box before I had the lightbulb moment! I stuck up a Facebook status saying, “Bored. Help. Anyone want to try a FaceTime photo shoot?” A couple of my photographer friends humoured me, and the rest is history! 

women in a white, half crop cardigan with hands in her long dark hair, closes her eyes and pokes her tongue out in a facetime portrait with tim dunk

HOW do you take a FaceTime portrait?! 

I wrote a whole guide: Tim Dunk’s Guide to Taking FaceTime Portraits.

(Hint: It requires an app, a can of beans, and a hair tie…sounds simple?!)

women poses dressed in long gloves and a black outfit and jewels while holding a fan and shielding her eyes from the sun in a tim dunk portrait

How have your portraits developed over time?

Oh gosh, in so many ways! My whole photography has improved so much shooting this way and working out how to get the best possible shots in every location I rock up in! 

woman with red hair and a hat is dressed in a patterned top and black skirt and poses outside of high-rise building for a facetime portrait with conference and chill

Where are some of the coolest places or people you’ve shot?!

So many awesome people! So many awesome places! Newborns, a whole bunch of gorgeous older folks for a retirement village company—I think the oldest was 97! 

I’ve shot in Ghana, Uruguay, Siberia, New Zealand, so many awesome places! 

 man with dark curly hair wears a tie-dye shirt and patterned shorts while leaning against wall and posing for a facetime portrait with conference and chill

What is the BEST part of the project, and what should everybody know about it?!

The ability to keep creating, and keep meeting new people. It’s the best!! 

*adds FaceTime photoshoot to bucket list*

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Go check out Tim Dunk’s work and show him some love on his FaceTime Photos IG profile!