Conference + Chill peeps are BLOWN AWAY by Denisse Ariana Pérez’s Photography Book Agua! Freaking spectacular!

Finding what influences our creativity, drives our process, and feeds our passion to create are all major factors of becoming a professional or full-time creative. As photographers, the world around us can be a constant influence and driving force in wanting to capture and amplify moments. In the case of our badass past speaker, Denisse Ariana Pérez, her influence is water. 

Agua photography book lays flat open, both pages show black men leaning on a white horse while standing in a lake wearing a white shawl.

In December of 2020, Denisse Ariana Pérez joined us live from Stockholm for the Film Edition of Conference + Chill. She covered water, nature, masculinity and the influence those have on her work and beyond! Fast forward to 2021 and Denisse’s first photography book, Agua, has just been released! Agua was born from an obsession with humans and the human experience as a whole. The work looks to explore, expose, and honour the beauty she sees in others. 

“I keep coming back to water scenes. I keep coming back to lakes, rivers and oceans. I like to explore the interaction of people with water. Water can disarm even the most armed of facades. Becoming one with water is not about rushing but rather about flowing. And flowing is the closest thing to being.”

a naked woman stands in a lake and leans over, holding a glass vase into the water.

Denisse is a Caribbean-born, Barcelona-based copywriter and photographer. As an artist and creative, she finds herself obsessed with words, people, and imagery and finding ways to make them speak to one another. Before Agua was created, Denisse had her work featured in It’s Nice That, The Guardian, El Pais, VICE, Afropunk, Dazed, Ignant,  Marie Claire,  Hunger,  Atmos,  Sand Magazine, Elephant Magazine, Paulette Magazine and Accent Magazine

Um…yeah—a seriously qualified and quantified badass. 

a naked woman perches on a rock in front of a lake, with oranges scattered in front of her, in Agua photography book.

Ironically, being born on an island wasn’t the catalyst for water as a major influence— more a constant of her being. It wasn’t until Denisse became an adult that water began to speak to her in a more spiritual way. 

“Water allowed me to connect to the deepest parts of myself and to deeper matters beyond the limits of my physical body.” 

It was then that water became a large influence on her work, and she began capturing women, men, siblings, people living with albinism, and non-binary beings in waters from the cold currents of Scandinavia to the pink lakes of Senegal. 

Agua is the materialisation of this endless journey/relationship.

agua photography book lays flat with the pages showing a man laying in dark, rocky water, one page with a poem overlayed.

This limited run, special edition, comes with a choice of two printed-sleeve cover options and a 300gsm, 120x180mm, uncoated paper print. It’s the perfect coffee table book for a splash of humanity and  beauty in your home, or as a source of inspiration and awe her incredible work creates.

Not only is the work featured in Denisse’s photography book, Agua, stunning, but 10% of the profits from the sales are being donated to Face Africa.

Face Africa aims to begin tackling the water crisis by funding, supporting, and advocating for community WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

a man lays over a log in swampy shallow water, while wearing a clean white skirt

At C+C, we’re so friggin’ grateful to be connected with so many crazy-talented photographers from across the globe, and are so excited when we get to share their ventures and accomplishments with you. Agua is not only a beautiful compilation of Denisse’s work, inspirations and influences, but it’s a reminder to tap in to what influences you and your work, and to follow those drives and feelings as you develop and grow as a creative.

Agua is already for sale on Guest Editions, and you can also get the special limited-edition version. Keep up with Denisse Ariana Pérez’s work on her website and @denisseaps on Instagram!

three men in white shirt dressed hold a plant while standing knee deep in a lake, all leaning to their right.

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