4 Tips For Balancing Your Mental Health On Social Media – by Linden & Co

May 22, 2020

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Guest Post By Linden & Co

How To Balance Social Media And Mental Health

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram, comparing yourself to others and mindlessly feeling a bit worse? I know I do. We all do!
Here’s the thing…My job is on social media.
Many of you are growing your businesses on social media and you have to be present and engaged to grow your following– which means more time on the ‘Gram. And while I know this can be tough for some, the reality is there are plenty of ways to manage your mental health while also being engaged with your audience on social media!

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1. Curate Your Feed

Social media was originally designed to connect you with others and get creative! Now that so many people are using Instagram for business, your feed can become inundated with sales posts and ads, which can cause a lot of stress. Don’t be afraid to sit down for even just 20 minutes and clear out your following list. Get rid of the people who don’t make you feel good! Whether that’s old friends from high school or influencers that make you feel “less than”, it’s okay to unfollow accounts that aren’t adding value to your time on social media. Do the same with your Twitter or Facebook feeds, especially if you’re stressed by the news or stories you’re seeing on there.

2. Take a Break

Running a business can be really exhausting, and adding social media on top of that can be really exhausting. It’s not like working a 9-5 job where you can just check out after 5pm and go on with your life. That being said, it’s important to create boundaries for yourself. I like to turn off access to all of my work-related apps, including Instagram, Slack, Email and Facebook, after 9:00pm (if this seems too late to you then of course choose a time that feels right!). This stops me from feeling like I need to be scrolling through Instagram while I’m getting ready for bed or spending time with my loved ones. Giving yourself a break from work will give your mind a break from the content overload that social media can often create.

3. Create a schedule

Trying to do everything for your business all at once can be really challenging. Just like you would plan out meetings or lunches with co-workers, plan out when you’ll do each piece of your social media strategy. Schedule out a time during the day to create your content, another time to do your engagement, another time to post the content and another time to jump on your stories. Breaking this down gives your brain a better sense of what it’s supposed to be focussed on and lets you take small breaks. You can also invest in a platform that auto-posts your content, so you can schedule your content in advance and don’t even have to worry about when that next post is going up!


4. Outsource!

“Double down on your strengths and hire out your weaknesses”.    — GARY VAYNERCHUK



If you’re feeling really overwhelmed with social media, outsource it! There’s no shame in getting a social media manager, in fact, it’ll be better for you in the long run. You won’t have to worry about your content when you hand over your social media to a professional. We handle everything from content creation to engagement to hashtag and posting strategies. All you have to do is approve the content and we’ll handle the rest! There’s no reason for you to stress yourself out over social media. Schedule a call with me and we can discuss any of your questions ASAP!




Maya SmithAccount Manager at Linden + Co.



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